the queer and colorful journey

the queer and colorful journey

This 21 days in particular has been full of transition, fear and becoming in my life. As I prepared to move out of a home that I had shared with my former partner for 3 years I fought the impulse to think of myself as a failure or someone unworthy of love. By intentionally sending messages of love and acceptance to myself everyday, I was rigorous about my own healing. This process helped me to affirm that not only am I a lovable person, but by remembering to love myself I provide light, warmth and miracles to my community. I noticed that during the process I was tempted to emphasize the videos for my girlfriend and for my community and slack off on the ones for myself, but I soon discovered that without loving myself first and diligently I cannot effectively share love with the universe.

The videos ranged from basic exuberant affection:

to applauding myself for learning new video skills:

At the end of this process I feel more connected to myself. I am often a cheerleader for other people in my life and it feels good to actually turn some of that affirmation towards myself. Loving myself for the little things is refreshing and renewing. I realize I don’t have to win a pulitzer in order to be proud of myself. Sometimes just getting through a hard day with a positive attitude is a huge accomplishment. My sister-friend and comrade Yashna is an amazing artist who taught me that documenting all of my emotions (even the ones that i usually hide from everyone) can give me access to the beauty of loving my full and dynamic and growing self.

To see all of the videos go to


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  1. Self Love is Sexy!

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